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Andrés García: Luisito Rey asked me for help to kill Marcela Basteri & # 39 ;, the mother of Luis Miguel

Mexico City, Mexico

The actor Andrés García He spoke again about the day when he Luisito Rey He called him to ask him the worst favor in the world, to kill the mother of Luis Miguel, Marcela Basteri.

During an interview with the morning A new day the actor told the frightening conversation with the deceased father of "Sun of Mexico"

"Luisito asked me to come Spain telling me this Micky (Luis Miguel) had a very serious problem. The problem was he, who wanted to kill Marcela. (He told me) & # 39; Help me kill Marcela. Ya Durazo –Arturo Durazo Chief of police in Mexico, he told me "abused with that crazy man, he wants me to help him kill his wife, he already asked me to do it" "said the actor in front of the cameras of the show. Telemundo.

Marcela Basteri disappeared in 1986, and Luisito Rey was always seen as the supposed culprit of his disappearance.

The 77-year-old interpreter suggested that for him Basteri died at the hands of her husband. "He who doubts he was lying is clearer than water."

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During the interview, Garcia also referred to the distance he had with Luis Miguel, who currently has no communication.

According to this fame, he made the singer change his attitude, something he did not tolerate.

Although a year ago, he had told Universal of Mexico that the distancing could be due to the manipulations of Luisito Rey.

"I tried to help Luis Miguel as much as I could, but after I cut off the relationship with Luisito Rey, I think he blocked my relationship with him, I do not know what he said, he communicated with me before," he said in May. 2018..

Previously, Garcia had already referred to the issue while traveling to Spain and ran into the barbarism that Luisito asked him: "On the second day of being there, Luisito tells me:" You are my friend, you have always helped me. she's a daughter … she has a lover, I know where she is and I need you to help me disappear, "Garcia said in an interview in mid-2018.

Marcela Basteri; "She died many years ago," says Luis Miguel's biographer

The actor said he warned Luismi about what his father was doing "Luis Miguel came in another day and the first thing I did was tell him:" Your father wants to disappear your mother, I'm telling you, so you're aware & # 39; 39; ". Marcela was like that, deceived Luis Miguel and betrayed me, "said the actor, who never saw Luis Rey, who died in 1992.

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