Andrés Caniulef in the conflict La Araucanía: "This country is DNA Mapuche" | Society


Andrés Caniulef He referred to the Mapuche conflict and the death of Camilo Catrillanca, who was murdered almost two weeks ago in the Ninth Region.

In response, the journalist pointed Page 7 that "there is a police contingent prepared as if it were facing a guerrilla and it is not so. I think it's necessary to claim them, Pancho Saavedra did it on the stage of the Copihue de Oro, and I also have the possibility to say it. "

"The freedom of an indigenous people of our country is being attacked, they are being disrespected and their dignity is being attacked. They are not guerrillas, they are not criminals, we are not, and the Mapuche people are everything, this country is Mapuche DNA"he added.

Along these lines, he also indicated that the malaise of Chilean society had great repercussions on the government, which "had to face facts and Since they did not do well in the beginning, now they have to take charge"he said.

"Today we should try to empathize with the Mapuche people, with people who have suffered attacks, we can not deny this reality, but the violence is not violently fought and I think this is what is happening in La Araucanía with a command (Jungle) that I insist, what it does is violate our people, "he concluded.


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