Andrei Hadler suffered embarrassment in "Red on Vacation": he broke his pants in the routine zumba | TV and Show


Rojo en Vacaciones continues with its broadcasts through TVN during the afternoons. Showing a dynamic closer to entertainment than to talent, space has been a trend in social networking in the afternoons.

This Tuesday, the singer Andrei Hadler he lived a live embarrassment during a live zumba routine, after he broke his pants, in the back area, while doing Push Up exercises.

Apparently, the piece was too tight on Hadler's body, so he did not resist the moves he did with a trainer who visited space.

The momentum did not go unnoticed for the production of the program, since the announcer in off allusion to the young person when realized that it had faced a deadlock with the pants.

Capture | TVN
Capture | TVN

"I want to inform, what happens to people who share their pants like Andrei?" said the man to the laughter of the rest of the program participants.

The truth is that the young native of Viña del Mar used this broadcast to deny the rumors that his relationship with the ballerina Hernán Arcil.

Hadler said the courtship between the two was amusing, discarding the comments that emerged on social networks last weekend.

Cane noted that the "chascarro" Hadler lived in the program did not go unnoticed on Twitter, as many fans played jokes during the broadcast.


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