Monday , March 1 2021

Andrea Molina presents her daughter for the first time on television

Andrea Molina introduced her daughter to Mega's "Mucho Gusto", in which they talked about the relationship between the oldest daughter and the youngest. The little girl, Laura is 12 years old and bears a good resemblance to her mother, Molina must make her time compatible with the child and with Noelia, since she lives with her father.

The former cheerleader expressed "I made decisions because my eldest daughter made me realize that a lot of my life had to do with my work. Very obsessive, very responsible, very professional, very methodical."

He also added that "Being a member of the republic for me was an issue, eight years traveling every day, I did not arrive early, I saw Laura practically asleep and that would be, we would sometimes see each other in the morning with my oldest daughter who was very much" .

In the same context, he analyzed the situation that this situation is experiencing because he devoted himself too much to his work and expressed "It is a social issue, we are in a very macho society where the responsibility of parenthood is always ours and that has to change, there has to be a co-responsibility, parents also have to have time to go out with the children, talk to them and embrace their daughters. "

Laura commented that she did not have much time to see her mother and said "When she arrived, she was tired, so she would torment herself or see things at work".

Despite this, the ex-parliamentarian said that the situation has changed and that she now dedicates time to her youngest daughter. Finally he commented "We sit, we talk, she teaches me how to make slime, and it's her world, I go into this world, I sit with her and she talks to me about her things, she shows me her clothes, she changes clothes and models" .

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