WhatsApp is the world's largest messaging application and that is why, when your users require some modifications to improve the "quality of life", the company generally responds.

One of these users' requests was the possibility of deleting a sent message that the contacts could not see, the already famous "This message has been deleted".

However, a error in the application would allow you to resurrect these messages: O backup done by WhatsApp every night -about 2:00 AM- to keep track of chats.

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That's right, if a user receives a warning from the application noting that a message that has just been received has been removed, only the backup should be restored.

With this simple step, the Lost messages will come back to life. The process is not recommended for traditional users, as it could lead to the loss of several hours of conversations.

Hackers and analysts who investigate the application code claim to have found lines in the "structure" of WhatsApp, which would allow you to retrieve a message that was recently deleted if a backup is done quickly.

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Hackers say that, after receiving the message deletion notification, the application backup must be activated. The second step is to remove WhatsApp and reinstall the application, as long as the chats are restored from the backup.

Warning: There are risks when restoring backup copies. The user may lose the messages that were sent between the backup and when he restarts his phone. For its part, the technology company said it is already working to rectify that flaw.

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