An anecdote reveals how strong Rouse Rousey really is.


When a fighter or a fighter tells an anecdote about himself or a partner always It's interesting because it's often stories that few people know. In many cases, they make us see a little more about them, a part of their lives or ways of being that they usually do not show.

Earlier this month, The Undertaker was doing this talking about Mark Henry.

"(…) One day, during a tour, we left a hotel and took the bus in the morning for a four-hour trip to another city. There was a time when the bus did not have enough space to keep circling because a car prevented. The owner was not there and we did not know what to do. (…) Then Mark Henry learned what was happening: "I'm going to fix it". He gets off the bus … get the car up and get him out of the way … ".


This time the strong man speaks, but he does about Rousey Rousey, in Radio Open:

"Maybe it's not me who will tell this story, but I will. I was talking about receiving stem cells to help my knee and my hip flexor. They operated on me and what they do is pierce the hip bones and extract the bone marrow. They create a serum and inject it when necessary. They convinced me to do this to me. When I woke up I felt as much pain as with any surgery or injury I had.

"So I heard that. Rousey Rousey did the same treatment, but without anesthesia. They pierced her hips and extracted the stem cells while she was awake. It hurt, but he was able to do that. I could not have done it. I woke up in such pain that I asked the nurse to put me back to sleep. And she woke up? This has to count to be one of the strongest people in the world."

Speaking of anecdotes, a former WWE fighter he was doing the same thing recently.

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