Amounts to be followed this Thursday: BBVA, Telefónica, Inditex, IAG


BBVA began a process of study of strategic alternatives for its car financing business in Chile, developed mainly through the Forum Financial Services (Forum). As indicated by the entity, the alternatives include the total or partial sale of the Forum, "without implying that the process will necessarily end in a sale & rdquor." The process will likely take several quarters, as reported by the bank presided over by Francisco González to regulators. BBVA started the session with a 1.25% drop in the market, slightly below the Ibex 35.

Investors' eyes are also directed towards telephone, which distributes an ordinary dividend among its shareholders of € 0.20 per share on account of the results of 2018. It is the company that makes the largest disbursement in absolute terms this month, while exceeding 1,000 million euros in coupons. Also today dividend dividend Mapfre, of € 0.06 per share; and Viscofan, of 0.64 euros.

In the field of recommendations, Credit Suisse analysts have reduced their target price to Inditex, which ranges from 24 to 21 euros. Textile group shares closed yesterday at 23.87 euros, which is why the Swiss analyst company has a potential depreciation of 12%. The Galician company's shares start the day with a decline of 2.3%.

Also today the attention of investors goes to IAGafter the European Commission stepped up pressure on London to relinquish control of the air group after the match without the European Union's agreement with the United Kingdom. In particular, Brussels warned that non-EU (British) majority air carriers will lose on March 30, 2019 the right to operate on the European market if the Brexit agreement with London is not ratified.

Thus, the threat may leave the Iberia aircraft, controlled by the IAG, if it does not demonstrate that its capital, at least 51%, is in the hands of the community. The shares of the air group are 2.2% on the Stock Exchange in the first steps of the negotiation.


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