Amazon has a new advertising strategy: sending free samples


Samples will be based on users' consumption habits.

Amazon has been testing a new advertising strategy that involves sending free samples to its customers based on their spending habits, something the company wants to outperform other Internet giants like Google and Facebook in the advertising segment.

Amazon has spent several months with the pilot of this program in the United States where several users of the store received free samples of various products such as coffee, ration, detergent or brands beauty products. new and existing.

As I mentioned earlier, this strategy would allow Amazon to take advantage of Google and Facebook in the advertising field because it is the only company with the necessary to send samples to the homes of its users, something that they consider to be much more effective. that ads online.

Although some people think it's a great idea, of course there are people who do not agree, because they believe that this could mean an invasion of their privacy, considering that they will receive products that they did not ask based on their tastes.

On the latter, it is said that the test was sent samples of things users have in their wish listsAlso, it is not necessary to be a Prime client to be eligible.

Amazon Millenials

Something worth mentioning is that Amazon customers will have the option to opt out of receiving free samples of their account setup, although by default all users have it active.

What do you think of this program that combines old school practices with machine learning techniques?


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