Tuesday , April 20 2021

Álvaro Salas faces new process for paternity

The comedian Álvaro Salas will be once again suing the paternity, this time by his daughter Paola Salas

The comedian Full professional proficiency He was again sued for paternity, on this occasion the legal action was initiated by his unrecognized daughter Paola Salas.

The information was revealed in the Intruders Network program, a space in which they pointed out that the 33-year-old woman accompanied by her lawyer, Aldo Duque, will go to court to demand recognition.

Paola Salas was a few days ago in the program "First plan", where he referred to the relationship he has with the comedian, who, despite giving him financial support, has been absent on the emotional side.

Although Paola Salas has the same surname as the comedian, this is because her mother has registered her in the Civil Registry, but this does not imply that she is legally recognized as her daughter.

It should be remembered that Salas was sued a few months ago for his son of 17 years, whom he finally recognized after Three DNA tests.

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