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After the death of Karina (Antonia Giesen) Blood Alliance, the Channel 13 television series, began a new stage in the history of the four friends played by Pablo Macaya, Álvaro Espinoza, Pablo Cerda and Néstor Cantillana.

With a renewed opening where some characters are seen on the trail of two friends (Karina and Daniela), in addition to the search of the PDI in a place still unknown, this production promises to further captivate its followers.

It is so much the feeling that has caused that many catalog it as a production worthy of giving through the popular Netflix platform, both for its content and its audiovisual language, but will the second stage be as attractive as the first?

In this connection, Álvaro Espinoza, the one in charge of interpreting one of the most frivolous villains, gave details on what is arriving Blood pact and Benjamin, who already has two deaths behind him.

"The teleserie really gets worse.The writers do not know what they took or what emotional state they are in, but it gets worse and it's much worse than what we've seen so far …", he said in an interview with The Fourth.

It is that after the murder of Karina, everything can be expected in the plot, there are even some advances that indicate that the police are beginning to suspect the nucleus next to Dr. Vial. "There is still a lot to see in this sense, there is a lot of cloth to cut with the characters and it will get more and more terrible and I think it is difficult for people to let go".

The Psychopath Benjamin

Although in the beginning was listed as one of the most focused of the quartet of friendsBenjamin turned out to be the most somber and most calculating of all, willing to do anything to avoid destroying his image as the ideal family father.

About the behavior of his character, Espinoza explained that only the tip of the iceberg was seen. "Benjamin has not yet shown his worst face"he declared. That's right, as you read, the doctor is more evil and psycho than we thought.

Regarding the shocking scene that had to record with Antonia Giesen, Álvaro explained that it was a challenge for him. "In my case, making a character devoid of emotions in such a situation was very complex because the delivery of Antonia (Giesen) was total. A masterful scene was stuck and the maximum effort as an actor was not to enter that emotional tunnel with her and to maintain the role of the psychopath, but the work is much easier because the cast is huge, so things really happen, "he explained.

Now we just have to wait for the writers of the Blood Pact to get their hands on, which is positioning itself as the night soap opera that gives a lot to talk about.


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