Alexis Sánchez hit the bottom and Mourinho did not hit him


Exactly a year ago, Alexis Sánchez was the star of the European market. A few days after opening the book, the Chilean striker did not want to continue at Arsenal. Followed by the two great names of Manchester, in addition to Paris Saint-Germain, the Tocopillano had time to choose. Today the situation is completely different. His millionaire arrival to the Red Devils was a failure and the Chilean added just 4 goals in 2018, his worst record since 2009.

So much so that Jose Mourinho, once defender of the attacker at all costs, today does not waste time to refer to the player, who will only play again in 2019, recovering from a muscle injury that he recovers in Chile.

"In practice, we'll see how Smalling, Jones, Martial and Bailly are (over the weekend). From Lindelof and Alexis we do not even talk about them, but we need answers," as blunt was "The Special One" in the today's duel against Fulham in the fifteenth date of the English Premier League.

And it is that the patience of the Portuguese coach has exhausted. "Mou" was the main endorsement of Sanchez's arrival in exchange for more than $ 75 million, a number that was more than criticized by the red leadership, especially for a player who was free on June 30.

Low contribution

Because DT's stubbornness, that of defeating the arm of Josep Guardiola – one of those who insisted on taking the Chilean team – was a problem of proportions.

In his first year at United, "Wonder Boy" played only 55% of the possible minutes in a team accustomed to success.

Worst of all is that in this 2018 Sánchez scored only 4 achievements. A brand that is far from its previous years in Europe. The most successful was in 2014, when he scored 28 times in all competitions, only in the period he moved from Barcelona to Arsenal in England.

Without going that far, 2017 and 2016 was also a good time, with 24 achievements in each of the years. The worst of Europe was in 2009, when he went blank in his first steps with Udinese of Italy.

The hostility of "Mou". Apart from injuries, the technical decision to remove Mourinho has a net economic support. Sanchez's complex contract with Manchester United has special clauses for the goals, which give him substantial sums of money for the possession of the first red team.

Almost $ 100,000 to align every game from the beginning. That is, every 10 games, at least 1 million dollars less for the attacker, money that somehow saves the institution of Mancunian.

A hostile scenario, which has the forward close to leaving the British team, again in the January market.


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