Alberto "Gato" Gamboa, icon of national journalism, died


Renowned journalist Alberto "Gato" Gamboa Soto died this Friday at the age of 97.

Gamboa's death occurred around 7.30 pm at Clínica Dávila in the Recoleta neighborhood, confirmed his wife, Estela, Sergio Camposdriver of The Journal of the Cooperative.

"He was a tremendously affable but very incisive man", recalled Campos, who said that the news "undoubtedly lament journalism and the hearts of the many friends he spread across the country."

Sergio Campos also emphasized that his "spirit of humor" and his "sharpness" of looking at political work were the marks of his extensive and outstanding professional practice.

The "cat" Gamboa, National Journalism Award 2017 will be veiled in the chapel of the San Ignacio El Bosque School.

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Gamboa is the author of the famous headline "He ran alone and came in second place," published after Pinochet's defeat in the 1988 plebiscite.


Born on February 16, 1921, Alberto "Gato" Gamboa Soto He was a journalist, editor and director of several publications written in Chile.

He was trained in Liceo José Victorino Lastarria and in the Pedagogical Institute of the University of Chile, where he completed the career of History and Geography, although the journalistic concern was forged from the 17 years.

He was recognized for being one of the founders of the Association of Journalists of Chile and the Circle of Sports Journalists.

Ercilla, Last hourand The Gazette, were some of the means by which he passed, besides the newspaper Clarin, which he promoted from the sixties to September 1973, at the height of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

"Journey to hell"

Gamboa was arrested and tortured and passed through the National Stadium and the Chacabuco Prison Camp. In "A trip to hell", of 1984, compiled the testimonies of the comrades with whom he shared his prison for three years.

His performance has never diminished. After the hard experience, he directed Fort Mapocho and promoted the gestation of The fourth and The season. He also led the sports section of The Nation.

In addition to its 2017 National Journalism Award, O "Cat" Gamboa Received the Bicentennial Prize of Journalism of Chile 2012 and the Prize to the Journalistic Way, granted by the Association of Chilean Journalists.


Gamboa's departure quickly generated a series of sympathetic reactions between his colleagues and other figures and public institutions.


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