Al Bulla is locking the machine


The players of Universidad de Chile will return to training on January 4. For that date coach Frank DarĂ­o Kudelka wants to have the team ready to compete in the tournament in 2019, in addition to the Copa Libertadores in its previous phase.

But the days go by and the bullanguera machine is falling behind on the subject, since the only one they have closed so far is Diego Carrasco, who comes from being a figure in Coquimbo.

But that's not all, because in campus definitions, such as those that go into loans or reforms, have not progressed much, so there are players who during the holidays have not yet defined their future with the ball. .

While those responsible for carrying out these issues are the general manager, Pablo Silva, as well as the board advisor and who could also become the new technical manager, Sabino Aguad, the decisions are not progressing as he had been budgeted.

This worried the Blue Blue trainee, where, according to the Cooperative, there would be annoyance in some members of the council, since in the negotiations the head of the club was not: Carlos Heller.

In that sense, they assure that the strangeness that he has had in determining matters of the club on the part of the president of the Blue Blue did not calm to all in the interior and they fear that they take hasty determinations of the last hour.

Therefore, it is hoped to hasten the issuance of new names so that everything is ready before the holidays, although many cases are filled with doubts.

Pablo Parra and Augusto Barrios are close to arriving, although their negotiations have yielded.

The same case with Claudio SepĂșlveda, with whom he had an approach, but the high value of 40% of his pass ($ 600,000) delayed the negotiation with Huachipato.


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