After 21 years: Deportes Santa Cruz drew with G. Velásquez and sealed his promotion to the First B | Soccer


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José Vera | Twitter @UnionSantaCruz

Celebrate the city of Santa Cruz. After 21 years, Sports Santa Cruz returned to the first B after drawing 1-1 against General Velásquez in San Vicente de Tagua Tagua.

In a same meeting between the leader and his companion, the visitors managed to take advantage of the spaces left by General Velásquez that needed the three points to extend the definition of the Championship of the Second Division until the last day.

After a first lap, at 61 minutes Diego Huerta opened the account to Santa Cruz by means of penal launching, unleashing the tumult of the unionistas fans that accompanied his equipment.

When it seemed that the meeting was ending with a triumph for the directors of Osvaldo Hurtado, Milton Alegre achieved parity with a goal in the 92nd minute, putting a piece of suspense in the final moments. However, the weather was not enough for the locals.

Thus, with the final 1-1 and its 18 points, Sports Santa Cruz was crowned champion of the tournament of the Second Division and sealed his passage to the first B 2019.

On the last day, Deportes Santa Cruz will receive Independent of Cauquenes where, surely, they will celebrate their title with their fans.

General Velásquez, meanwhile, added 14 units and remained in second place, subtracting a date to be played. On the last date you should visit Iberia in Los Angeles.


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