Advocates of former commander Fuente-Alba resigned accused of misappropriation of public funds | National


Lawyers Alejandro Espinoza and Joanna Eskia presented their resignation of the defense of the former commander in chief of the ArmyJuan Miguel Fuente-Alba, before the visiting minister, Romy Rutherford, who is investigating the retired general for the crime of misappropriation of public funds.

In the document before the judge – which exclusive access The radio does not state the reasons for the decision, but states that they have already been communicated in person to the person represented.

"For reasons communicated personally to our representative, we renounce the sponsorship and power conferred on these documents, as well as all delegations of power held," said the document.

Fuente-Alba is aware of its professional status and the status of the.

In this way, the retired general appointed Maximiliano Murath as the new sponsor lawyer.

Attorney Ignacio Sotomayor, representing Fuente-Alba, asked Minister Rutherford, the case background copy, including those who serve to found the charge issued against him, those who are reserved and those who work in the separate notebook called "travel agencies".

The former commander-in-chief of the Army is in preventive custody for his alleged responsibility in the event of irregular travel within the institution. Fuente-Alba is accused of having the alleged responsibility for the misappropriation of public funds that can reach US $ 3,500 million and the possible irregular enrichment with reserved expenses.


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