Activision negatively influenced the studio according to former Blizzard employees


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As they are commenting former employees of Blizzard, Activision as such would be negatively influencing the development process, all that would be pointed out by a subject of austerity that the company would be taking as "philosophy", thus favoring the saving of the greatest amount of money, which in one way or another, this would affect the projects.

According to a Kotaku report in which 11 employees and also former (anonymous) employees of Blizzard were their statements about the company and the philosophy of Activision. We already know that the immortal Devil would be a matter of discontent, he did not really hit the people and the low in actions speaks for itself.

They pointed out that somehow they would be telling them they would have to spend less, for the first time Blizzard would have to worry about this sort of thing instead of investing to keep growing. Added to the fact that for the first time they needed to show economic growth, something that at least indicated a developer who would have left the company.

Yes, despite everything you can say about visualization, Overwatch It is a game that undoubtedly has generated significant profits for the company, which gives a certain freshness to the business that can be done. Undoubtedly, we must not forget the fact that during the year Michael Morhaime, who left his position as president.

How can this be translated? Will Blizzard find a way to recover and increase the popularity and love of its fans? Will your new mobile games have a future?


Editorial: Games / Facebook / Twitter Roof


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