Sunday , March 7 2021

Access rates recorded "historic" decline and sharp decline in mobile phone rates is expected

The government announced earlier this morning that it has achieved a historic reduction in telephone access tariffs after announcing the new tariff decree that will govern the mobile phone industry over the next five years.

The government said access fees (fees to be paid by the operator of the caller, to the network at which they terminate) will fall from the current $ 8.7 pesos per minute to $ 1.8 per minute, which establishes an unprecedented 80% drop in this charge. With this, it will be cheaper to call between cell phones and from a landline to another cell phone.

From the Sub-Secretariat of Telecommunications (Subtel), they estimated that rates will fall by 20% in the prepaid, which now represents 50% of the Chilean mobile market. In addition, they calculated that there will be a 50% drop in the price of a fixed-line call to a mobile phone.

The government said the reduction is great news "for all Chileans," especially for the prepaid and fixed segment. According to the authority, this will enable small entrepreneurs and companies that use telecommunications as a fundamental tool.

"This will reduce the cost of calls from landlines to mobile phones, which will undoubtedly be of great benefit to all Chileans and to all SMEs." So we are making progress in putting modern technology at the service of a better quality of life for all Chileans, "said Sebastián Piñera.

According to estimates, if Chile has one of the ten highest OECD tariffs, Chile will rise in this ranking to be among the countries with the highest mobile access, increasing competition and improving service offerings.

After the 0000 hours today, in violation of the agreed deadline, the Sub-Secretary of Telecommunications (Subtel) sent to the companies of the sector the Report of Objections and Counterproposals (COI) regarding fixed mobile tariffs.

In that document, the authority announced its proposal for the fees to be paid by the operator of the caller to the network on which it is terminated and which will start operating in 2019 until 2023.

The new access charges were not without controversy and resulted, for example, in an aggressive publicity campaign by WOM against the rest of the operators, particularly Entel.

The proposals made by the companies last July ranged from $ 6.07 per minute -Movistar- to almost $ 0 -WOM and VTR.

Several arguments raised by operators to defend their tariffs. But the IOC presented by the authority is closer to Claro, WOM and VTR, which were the steepest in their numbers, relative to the current rate. In this case Entel and Movistar -relevant of the proposal by Subtel- are almost certain that they were dissatisfied.

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