A smartwatch with a flexible display makes an old Apple Watch concept come true


The flexible or foldable screens were not satisfied because they were present in several smartphones during the MWC of Barcelona. A company known as Nubia, a subsidiary of ZTE, decided to incorporate this technology into your Alpha smartwatch. The Nubia Alpha displays a screen that goes beyond the watch body to partially embrace the handle, in an exercise reminiscent of old Apple Watch concepts before its introduction.

A 4-inch screen that expands out of the watch case

Undoubtedly, the most striking feature of this smartwatch is that makes use of a 4.01-inch OLED screen which comes out of the box and partially embraces the handle. The following video shows us in detail this smart watch:

Although the first scenes are renderIn the middle of the video, you can see people carrying the device on their wrists. More than a watch, it looks like a bracelet because the width of the case and the strap It is very similar. On the sides of the box, we find a finger sensor on the left and a 5MP camera along with two dials on the right.

Thanks to the curvature of the screen, Alpha can display a greater amount of information for the user The 4-inch diagonal may look small, but having a close proportion greatly increases its size.

Nubia Alpha has an eSIM version that allows you to make calls without having a cell phone nearby. And is that this device tries to resemble depending on a traditional smartphone have a camera and virtual keyboard for messages. Although these functions do not agree with what a terminal offers for camera quality and screen size.

Having said all this, it is inevitable to remember some of the Apple Watch concepts that were seen prior to their presentation. In particular, during the period in which the watch was called "iWatch".

That's how we imagined iWatch five years ago

Concepts and render they are habitual in the world that surrounds Apple, from the operating systems to, also, ways to return the iPod to life through an Apple Watch. And is that this device is, with sufficient security, one of the most invited to the escape of the imagination.

In the months preceding its final presentation in September 2014There have been numerous attempts that have ventured to imagine a watch made by the California company.

August 2013

In August 2013, ideas were shuffled about the appearance of Apple Watch. Like this bracelet that included a screen identical to that of an iPhone and including a camera to do selfies.

fuel band

A few months later, in October 2013, we saw this other concept inspired by the popular Nike FuelBand bracelets. A fairly narrow screen that only showed a row of icons such as an iPhone, accompanied by a lower Home button.

Peter burns

Although if we want to go to the origin of Apple Watch Concepts, we should go back 13 years to 2006. It was at this time that Peter Burns thought of creating a watch called iWatch from an iPod.

Nubia Alpha 4

Although there were concepts imagined by designers with the flat screen, it is very interesting to see how most of them came to a curved screen to reflect your ideas. Several Apple patents (here and here) indicate that the company is investigating ways to enlarge its screen and make it larger than it is today.

Perhaps the real fate of this type of technology is this and not the smartphones. Nubia Alpha has already shown that you can go beyond a simple conceptanother thing will be to make sense.


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