A sad farewell from Guillermo Maripán to Hugo Alarcón


The death of Hugo Alarcón shook Chilean football. The player was found dead in his apartment the day he turned 26.. The reasons for death are still unknown.

Trained at Universidad Católica, the midfielder took steps through La Pintana, Melipilla, La Serena and Iberia, the club he played last season. In the smaller series of Crusaders, he met Guillermo Maripán, with whom he weaves a strong bond. Despite the distance, they always kept in touch. The Chilean selected, through his Instagram account, dismissed who was not just a friend, if not "of those brothers that someone chooses"

You're one of those guys that some call "weird," I say that you have the privilege of seeing life differently, I say that I knew your best version, and that I also corrected you when you wanted to follow a bad path, I can say that you had better time and at worst. That I saw you fall, stand up with a smile and come out victorious; and I with you, brother, always supporting you"Wrote the current Alavés player in his Instagram account.

"My friend, my brother, my cone, my mamitiço. Forgive me if I failed you. Forgive me from the heart.. Wherever you are, you can find peace, happiness, tranquility, and love. I will never forget you and, from today, you play with me every game, come and enjoy with me this profession that united us and made us inseparable, contact me with your quality", He reported the" Memo "at the end of the text.



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