A fetus kills the mother after infecting a rare neurological disease


A woman died of a strange neurological disease that her own son had infected when she was pregnant with him decades before his death. The fetus transmitted to its mother the rare pathology of Creutzfeldt-Jakob, which took all these years to develop.

The man is now born with a genetic mutation, inherited from his father, which causes brain damage which, in turn, causes rapid decline in mental functions and movement, according to The Times.

The father – who died years ago – also suffered from this diseasewho, at the same time, inherited from his father. However, what surprised the doctors is that the woman, who died at age 70, apparently did not undergo changes in her genes, although she died similarly.

Doctors discovered that the mother was certainly infected with the disease the child's own guilt during pregnancy; since the cells of the fetus passed into the placenta and traveled through the mother's body to reach her brain.

Ausrine Arekeviciute, a researcher at the University Hospital in Copenhagen, explains to the British newspaper that when women are pregnant " Fetal cells travel through the placenta throughout the body and can reach the various organs of the mother. "

For a while the son is still alive, although affected by the disease. It was precisely her diagnosis that made doctors suspect that the mother – who did not have the genetic mutation associated with the disease – could have been infected by her son. "There are no treatments and the prognosis is not good," explains the doctor. "It's a sad story," he says. The case was published in the journal JJournal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology.

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