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A death shot and a car rolled over in incident at Santiago Centro

Carabineros investigates an incident that, during the night of Wednesday, left as balance a man shot dead and a twist in the commune of Santiago.

According to what was previously reported by the police institution, the incident began with a series of shots fired at a group of people on the second floor of a building in Plaza Los Naranjos.

After that, two vehicles fled by Calle Mirador, one of which lost control, hit a light pole, and eventually turned.

The occupants of the overturned car boarded the other vehicle that accompanied them and arrived at the Hospital Barros Lucowhere he entered a deceased product of at least one ballistic impact, Detailed the Captain Eduardo Ramirez, round officer of the City Hall of Santiago.

"Relatives and friends (of the deceased) returned to the event where the vehicle was overturned and pointed out that it originated as a result of a problem they had with a person who lived in Los Naranjos, who did different shots ", the officer pointed out.

"At the moment, statements are being made and possibly it is a fight over a particular situation being investigated," he added.

According to the captain, the man who fired the shots He escaped and is being sought by the Carabineros.

The Public Ministry instructed the respective specialists for the O.S.9 of Carabineros and Labocar.

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