A dead shot left at the amateur football game in Buin


One dead and two wounded was the balance left by a shootout in the midst of an amateur football game this Sunday in the commune of Buin.

The event was recorded on the court of El Cerrillo de Lindero, around 5 pm, when the meeting between a team from La Granja and another from La Pintana ended.

According to the first information, A fight between rival gangs in the stands ended with a dozen shots and several injuries, one of which died at Buin Hospital.

The lieutenant Jaime Jara, an official of the Maipo round, said that "while the event was taking place, an unknown individual, for unknown reasons, started shooting at the presents, wounding three people, three adults."

"Two have resulted from injuries of various considerations, but no life-threatening injuries and are being treated at the Barros Luco Hospital, while a third, unfortunately, as a result of the severity of the injuries, has died." Nor is it known what involvement the wounded had, if any. they were inside the public or they were on the court as players, "he said.

At the time, There are no inmates for this fatal shootout..


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