"A covert singer": Pamela Díaz showed the talent to sing her daughter | TV and Show


Pamela Diaz adds more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram and is where her fans can follow her follies every day.

And the fact is that the animator from Chilevisión is characterized by her good humor and sharing even the most everyday moments with her beloved people, and that is why it is not strange to find records of her daily work, along with friends and of course his family.

In this context, this weekend's fiera & # 39; shared a video she directs along with her eldest daughter, Trinidad, who was born as a result of her long-standing relationship with Manuel Neiralike his brother Matthew.

In fact, recently the teenager turned 17 and it was his father who dedicated some emotional words to him through the same social network (see note).

Although it is known that the girl does not like television and therefore avoids appearing before the cameras, this time her mother showed an apparent musical talent of Trinidad, but without showing her face.

On the disc shared by Diaz, she says she loves a song while playing in the background Valerie in Amy Winehouse. It is precisely when he begins to sing that he can hear the voice of Trinidad, who is very attuned and in tune with the theme.

And although Pamela tried to show her several times by calling her by her name, the girl would cover her face with her hair and The night is ours He just managed to laugh.

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