Wednesday , April 21 2021

A Colombian brand of handmade swimsuits seeks new markets

Bogotá, November 23 (EFE) .- Entreaguas brand of swimwear presented its latest collection, "Stardust", with which it intends to increase 35% of the production it exports to the more than 12 countries where it is present, sources informed of the company today.

"Today, Entreaguas is present in more than 12 countries and one of its main projects is Mexico, where we have a store in Tulum and we plan to continue growing not only with our own stores, but also with retailers and e-commerce," said director Natalia. Botero

As part of its expansion process, the brand opened its fourth store in Colombia this month, after the ones it already has in Medellín and Cartagena, with a platform where "Stardust" was launched, whose pieces are 100% hand-dyed

In the color palette of the collection, the protagonists were the neutral ones with a range of light to dark blue, mustard and brick that gave life to classic silhouettes and other risky ones.

"The works we create mix different craft techniques, involving 17 people per piece and take about 38 hours to complete," explained Botero.

Therefore, he added, understanding that consumers in the swimsuit segment are demanding and value the parts that make them feel unique. Entreaguas is still betting on what is done by hand.

In that regard, Botero noted that "every piece besides being a swimsuit is a work of art" with which the brand already wants to reach more countries and accelerate its growth, which has been sustainable since created in 2012.

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