& # 39; Lady & # 39; Gago and Benedetto the 'pointy': the funny memes left by the River-Boca final in Madrid | Soccer


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Gabriel Bouys / Agence France-Pressse

This Sunday, the return final was held in Madrid Copa Libertadores of America.

After the incidents in Argentina with the arrival of Boca to the Monumental Stadium in Rio, Conmebol decided to make a commitment to Europe in a controversial decision that divided the fans.

But all this discussion came to an end today, when the two casinos were measured on the court and the Cup was raised by the millionaires.

After the game fans of the & # 39; Champion & # 39; dThey mocked their rivals with the traditional & # 39; memes & # 39;, where two players "bostero" were the main players: Fernando Gago and DarĂ­o Benedetto.

Then we invite you to review a gallery with the most fun.

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