Sunday , October 17 2021

255 people bitten by animals transmitting anger

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic.- Approximately 255 people at Pedernales were scraped, licked or bitten by a warm-blooded animal so far in 2018. Contact with animals has mainly been dog and cat; informed the Ministry of Public Health of the Dominican Republic.

Biting and scratching by warm-blooded animals are the main causes of human rabies transmission.

According to statistics, these are the number of people affected in Pedernales per month, with the months of July, August and December having the highest incidence:

January 11 July 33
February 6 August 66
March 7 September 22
April 12 October 6
May 11 November 22
June 21 December 38

Noticias SIN has received the Care Guide or Protocol for patients with dog bites or other animals transmitting rabies, to clarify doubts and know how to prevent and act in case of contact with animals that may be angry.

Guide to Aggressive Patient Care – last reviewed 06-09-2013

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