25% of Spaniards will pay their purchases digitally


Madrid, November 24 (EFE) .- The entities promoted the use of mobile banking and digital payment in sales of "Black Friday", where consumption is encouraged with discounts that extend until Monday, it is expected that four out of ten Spaniards will pay their purchases online with their electronic devices.

Banks also wanted to attend the notorious "Black Friday" not only by providing their digital services to users, but also with offers, discounts and promotions of their own financial products.

Banco Santander, for example, offers a bonus of 30 euros for customers who make three online purchases of at least 30 euros each with their credit card or mobile phone between 23 and 26 November.

In addition, it has made available to its clients up to € 67 billion in pre-granted loans at an interest rate of 3.95% if they are contracted no later than November 26.

But the other entities also expanded their offer of consumer financing during these days, either with pre-granted loans, because the bank knows the financial capacity of the client, besides offering facilities for postponing purchases.

Industry experts believe that these days are a good opportunity for banks to "show" their digital muscles to consumers, as well as everything they are able to do for them on their site, or with apps or "apps" for their cell phone.

German bank N26 highlights the importance of mobile banking these days, as it offers a "premium" payment system through applications such as Mastercard 3D Secure Technology, which allows you to assess the potential risk of a transaction.

The bank also noted that its digital services facilitate "borderless" purchases, in which consumers can buy products at any time, place and with all types of coins without commissions.

In addition, Cetelem, of the French group BNP Paribas, will reduce the interest rate to 3.95% on three loans, the same strategy that will be followed by the financial expert specializing in consumer loans Cofidis.

In the insurance industry, Axa Partners will make a 30% discount on travel insurance for leisure, which will be available until November 26.

The main attraction of online shopping for "Black Friday" is that customers will benefit from discounts without having to queue long and waiting, in addition to being able to pay through the cell phone, the replacement of money.

They also warn that because of the high volume of shopping that is expected these days, they have strengthened their cyber security campaigns to avoid attempts at impersonation, a practice known as phishing.

But for many offers, do not forget about planning and prudence, so experts like the Help My Cash financial adviser recommend that users manage their finances well during those sales and list the results. Buy with a maximum budget to spend.

The site also points out that in the case of purchase financing, it is done in a "smart" way to avoid indebtedness more than the account, as well as compare offers with other establishments to pay as little as possible.


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