Thursday , October 21 2021

19-year-old girl disappears after entering the sea on the beach of Antofagasta – National


19-year-old boy disappears after entering the sea on the beach of Antofagasta

The GOPE will join the search in the next few hours after no trace of the affected person is found. Tvn


O Armada and Firefighters of Antofagasta They are working hard to find a 19-year-old boy who, around 4:00 pm on December 25, lost track after entering the sea on a city beach.

According to the information provided by the Antofagasta Red TVN, the event occurred in the Beach of Los Pinares, located in the northern sector of the city, where the person arrived in the company of his relatives.

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The first records indicate that the aforementioned ones entered the sea to bathe despite the existing prohibition in the, being dragged by the swell and after being noticed he had trouble surfacing.

In the absence of clues to his whereabouts, the GOPE It will be added to the rescue work in the next few minutes, by maritime procedures, as well as by the ornamental rocks of the sector.

At present, the emergency teams have not revealed the identity of the missing or more details of the tasks being carried out.



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