Thursday , October 21 2021

1,500 HIV rapid tests will be conducted


As part of the Ministry of Health's National Campaign for HIV / AIDS Prevention and STDs, the Metropolitan Health Service of the West and the National Institute of Youth (INJUV) have joined forces to strengthen the work of prevention, early detection and treatment of HIV, especially in the young population, putting into action a strategy of rapid sample collection, through a room of mobile procedures that will cover different points of the Metropolitan Region.

The initiative began today in the Central Market esplanade, where an activity was organized by civil society, to disseminate and provide services of combined prevention of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections.

At the opportunity, Health West staff applied more than 100 tests to those who needed it, as well as providing information and teaching materials.

The mobile unit will travel at least 10 points, which are chosen for their high pedestrian flow and connectivity, or because they are the scene of major events. This is how it will be installed at the Postulation and Registration Fair, which will be held at Mapocho Station, on December 26 and 27; in communes such as Maipú, San Bernardo, Pirque and Puente Alto, as well as sectors such as the Bellavista neighborhood and parks visited by a large number of young people.

The mobile procedures room has 4 nursing professionals and during the campaign, which will last until the end of January, 1,500 rapid tests will be applied in the field.

The director of the Metropolitan Health Service of the West, Dr. Francisco Miranda, explained that "what is being sought with this initiative we are doing with Injuv is to take the HIV rapid test for young people, especially between 19 and 25 years, with the encourage early detection and access to timely treatment. "

In the case of the Health West network, the 35 Family Health Centers (Cesfam) of the 15 communes that are part of this Service have tests for the community to approach and carry out. "It's important for people to know that they can request it and access it regardless of their health forecast, with results in about 15 minutes," he said.

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