Apple's patented sleep tracking method

[ad_1] News and Rumors: November 26, 2018 Apple has received a patent, from which even a sleep-tracking solution must come. So far, the company has nothing to offer in this area. The necessary know-how has been around for some time. A new patent recently awarded to Apple by the US Patent and Trademark Office describes … Read more

PlayStation Classic: Details: Game versions, multiplayer features, memory cards, resolution and more

[ad_1] Sony has answered some questions about the upcoming PlayStation Classic Mini console, revealing some new details about the Plug and Play device. The much smaller replica of the first PlayStation (no disk drive) has 20 games pre-installed and is available from December 3, 2018 with two wired controllers (cable length: 1.5m) for 99.99 euros. … Read more

Sony Xperia XZ3: WLAN no longer works

[ad_1] action to chirp +1 foward Published: 26.11.2018 15:47 If it comes with the Sony Xperia XZ3 for problems with the wireless connection and the connection constantly breaks, although the reception for the wireless router is ideal, this may be due to several factors. In general, incorrect system settings or software errors are responsible for … Read more

Gran Turismo Sport: Next update will be released on December 5

[ad_1] Kazunori Yamauchi, GT-Creator and President of Polyphony Digital, has announced a new update for Gran Turismo Sport: According to Twitter, will be released on December 5 and will be released, among other things. contains seven new vehicles whose silhouettes already provide first clues to the models. Some Twitter users are already convinced that they … Read more

Linkedin hat 18 Millionen E-Mail-Adressen von Nicht-Mitgliedern an Facebook weitergeleitet

[ad_1] 26. November 2018 – Das berufliche Netzwerk Linkedin hat 18 Millionen E-Mail-Adressen von Menschen, die nicht Mitglieder des Netzwerks sind, and Facebook weitergeleitet. Dies, um auf dem sozialen Netzwerk gezielt Werbung für Linkedin zu schalten. Das berufliche Netzwerk Linkedin, zu Microsoft gehört, hat offenbar die E-Mail-Adressen von rund 18 Millionen Nicht-Mitgliedern an Facebook weitergeleitet. … Read more

Skyward Sword "könnte für Nintendo Switch erscheinen ⊂ · ⊃

[ad_1] Womöglich erwartet uns schon bald ein neues Spiel der "The Legend of Zelda" -Reihe für die Nintendo Switch. Allerdings könnte es sich nicht um einen komplett neuen Titel handeln, sondern um ein Remake von "Skyward Sword". In Japan findet aktuell of the "Nintendo Live" Event statt, berichtet The NerdMag. Nach einem Konzert mit Musik … Read more