Adell Taivh Ogilvy won the bronze Epica Awards

[ad_1] Attention was drawn to an exclusive illustration "We joked with the thought, based on the perception that a lot of people are in the habit of using the phone and surfing the Internet in the bathroom.If the gigabytes are finished, you will need to change the navigation to something else.This also gave rise to … Read more

Phone Fraud Attacks: What Are They and How to Protect Yourself?

[ad_1] The devastated calls from the Mozambican and Congo numbers on the tsunami in Lithuania reminded once again that fraudsters are using every possible means to trust people, companies and operators of communications. There are dozens of these methods, many of them coming in contact with the Lithuanians. So how do you identify the fraudsters … Read more

Which car would you like to drive more economically: petrol, diesel or hybrid?

[ad_1] "Today, greening is becoming increasingly important, and car manufacturers need to combine their models with ever more stringent carbon emissions. Innovations in the internal combustion engine and new power plants allow us to offer less polluting and more economical models "By deciding to buy a new car, you need to take into account not … Read more

The mills started counting

[ad_1] Business News of Electricity started to work The ministry will evaluate the possibilities of local electricity production in DELFI Total coverage [ad_2] Source link

Power – the second indicator of a sports car

[ad_1] Among Lithuanian riders, the conviction that a sports car should be powerful should be able to reach 100 km / h as fast as possible. However, the journalist panel of the "Lithuanian National Car 2019" did not mention one of the most powerful and fastest cars on the list of candidates for the most … Read more

For a Payment Card – Tax Benefits? – Y-News

[ad_1] Money is often and completely unfairly portrayed as an obsolete social error, according to representatives of associations belonging to the Alliance of Consumer Organizations of Lithuania. This is because public discourse on financial issues is shaped by well-paid banking analysts and public information dissemination centers maintained by the banks themselves. Banks, which is based … Read more