Alicia Machado says that Ricardo Arjona tried to take her to bed

[ad_1] Alicia Machado surprised again with some controversial statements. In a recent interview with Omar Chaparro, she revealed the name of a famous married man who tried to have sex with her. “Am I being honest? Ricardo Arjona. It was rude,” said the Miss Universe 1996. Machado manifested himself before the astonished gaze of the … Read more

The second wave threatens European hospitals | Society

[ad_1] Europe is at a critical juncture in the fight against the coronavirus. The second wave put the whole continent, the hardest hit in the world, on the ropes. For the second consecutive week, Europe is the epicenter of the pandemic, with the highest proportion of new infections. Last week, according to WHO data, 1.3 … Read more

UNPUBLISHED photos of “El Chavo del 8” during a break behind the scenes at the Polyhedron of Caracas

[ad_1] Lapatilla October 27, 2020, 5:58 pm Almost three months after the popular Mexican humor series ‘El Chavo del Ocho’, after 47 years of continued success, has stopped broadcasting in more than 20 countries, a series of never-before-seen photos from the cast has transcended the Internet. Per: Rt News The images were posted on Instagram … Read more

DAI as an economy option and refuge from inflation in Latin America

[ad_1] Since its creation, cryptocurrencies have had different applications and the technology behind them (the blockchain) is here to stay. In this context, Latin Americans realized the importance of cryptocurrency at an early stage. Today, many people use DAI, which has many uses thanks to its versatility, but highlights its ability to protect savings and … Read more

VIDEO: They filter Messi’s claim to the referee at El Clásico and that was not seen on television

[ad_1] The action claimed by the FC Barcelona captain occurred in the first half, in the Real Madrid area. The Spanish football classic played last Saturday between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid (1-3) was marked by the controversial performance of referee Juan Martínez Munuera, of whom Lionel Messi complained about one of his arbitration decisions … Read more