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[ad_1] Mol Nyrt. bruttó 5 forinttal csökkentette a 95-ös benzin és bruttó 6 forinttal a gázolaj literenkénti nagykereskedelmi árát pénteken. A mérsékléssel a benzin átlagára literenként 364 forint, a gázolajé pedig 415 forint lett. A benzin ára legutóbb szerdán validtozott, átlagára literenként 4 forinttal, 369 forintra csökkent. A gázolaj ára november közepén módosult, bruttó 3 … Read more

The Konzum-Opus Group is also targeting the international capital market

[ad_1] In the first half of next year, the Opus-Konzum group, which is preparing for the merger, will appear on the international capital market – Vilaggazdaság wrote on Monday. Péter Fekete, vice president of Konzum, said the two companies successfully closed the capital increase series on Friday, resulting in the acquisition of Konzum with a … Read more

State aid to hybrid cars may be misleading

[ad_1] "You've been fighting, but you can not, Silence and love, Only the dead you forget, Live forever who you really love." With pain we notified her loved ones and friends that KULLA GYULÁNÉ Margit Dudás, a university graduate, died at age 86. We will put our grains in the Kecskemét Quarter Cemetery on November … Read more

State aid to hybrid cars may be misleading

[ad_1] State aid to hybrid cars may be misleading to the environment by Szoljon.hu Only refueling, not filling the owners of hybrid cars, so its environmental value can be zero Management Forum Environmental ambiguity may be public support for hybrid plug-in cars, according to Hajdú Online poll Total coverage [ad_2] Source link

State aid to hybrid cars may be misleading

[ad_1] EXEMPTION FROM THE DEATH OF RIKK FERENC 21 and the birth of RIKK FERENCNÉ. 10th Anniversary of Rudolf Anna's Death "We burn candles and candles, these lights illuminate you in everlasting light, rest in peace, we will never forget for sure you know!" children "We dreamed of a wonderful and beautiful old age, but … Read more

Not a bad week for BUX

[ad_1] The stock index of the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) rose during the week, the BUX closed on Friday with 39,328.39 points to 741.76 points, up 1.92% from last week's close . Weekly stock market earnings were 88.8 billion forints, after the previous week, more than 131.6 billion forints. Except for Richter, all the leading … Read more

Dark signs on the farm: here is the new accident?

[ad_1] This year, bonds and bonds are performing poorly as well, and many have been hammered by another recession. With regard to the cyclical nature of the economy, however, we are still in the recovery phase, so it can take up to 1-2 years until the economic slowdown. However, at the current stage, extreme moves … Read more

Hungary-based multiculturalism was built

[ad_1] The Tungsram Group's association ended up with 23 subsidiaries operating in 22 countries, the company said. The announcement recalls that General Electric (GE) Lighting announced in February that it will sell its business in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Turkey, as well as the global automotive lighting sector for the Tunsgram group led … Read more