Quadrocopter Quaternium Technologies spent record time on air

[ad_1] For the first time, the quadcopter spent more than 10 hours in the air. The quadcopter flew more than 10 hours / photo by Quaternium Technologies Spanish company Quaternium Technologies has set a record for the duration of a quadcopter flight – its drone was in the air for 10 hours and 14 minutes. … Read more

The CCU has not yet taken a decision on certain provisions of the electronic declaration laws

[ad_1] The head of the Ukrainian Constitutional Court, Oleksandr Tupitskiy, said the court had not yet taken a decision on certain provisions of the law on electronic filing. People’s deputies asked to verify the constitutionality of the obligation to declare civilian husband or wife, minor children, if they live separately with the subject of the … Read more

Lolita lit a fire on the web, revealing an “emptiness of sin”

[ad_1] Anna Adamaites The singer appeared in a dressing room with a sparkling dress, impressed by Igor Gulyaev. Lolita. Photo: Press global look. Singer Lolita Milyavskaya recently became incredibly more beautiful, lost weight and started looking much younger. It simply bathes in the attention of men, enjoying freedom and its own attractiveness. “Princess!”: Andreeva admired … Read more

AMD buys competitor Xilinx for $ 35 billion – latest news / nb

[ad_1] This material is also available in Ukrainian One of the largest processor manufacturers acquires programmable chip maker Xilinx (Photo: STEVE MARCUS / Reuters) American AMD agreed to buy its competitor and one of the largest programmable chip makers Xilinx. One of the largest processor manufacturers, the American AMD, has closed a purchase agreement with … Read more

Bartomeu refused to resign at Barça council meeting – Football

[ad_1] Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu will remain in office. According to Spanish journalists, the meeting of the Catalan club’s board of directors has ended. Bartomeu did not resign as president of Barça. It has been reported that Bartomeu and his team may leave Barcelona today. The Catalan club previously asked the Generalité (government) of Catalonia … Read more

Klitschko and UDAR win elections in Kiev – parallel vote count

[ad_1] The current mayor, Vitali Klitschko, obtained 50.9% of the votes in the local elections, and the UDAR party – 19.7%, said the head of the party’s headquarters, Oksana Prodan, citing a parallel vote count. In the elections for the post of mayor of Kiev, the current mayor Vitali Klitschko won about 51% and wins … Read more

Electric vehicle prices expected by 2024 – what will happen to the cost of electric cars

[ad_1] Researchers predict that by 2024 electric cars will cost the same as conventional combustion engine cars. About this reports The Guardian. Large automakers are reluctant to switch production from their lucrative models of internal combustion engines to electric vehicles because of expensive batteries. Experts expect the cost of batteries to drop to less than … Read more