Brexit: Who gets what in divorce agreement

[ad_1] The European Union formally approved a divorce agreement with Britain, the first country to leave the 28-nation bloc. The agreement consists of a legally binding withdrawal agreement, with more than 580 pages, and a 26 page policy statement on future relations. Some main points: Withdrawal agreement Transition period: Britain will leave the EU on … Read more

Tory leader and Prime Minister Theresa May will battle Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn in TV debate over her Brexit deal

[ad_1] Prime Minister Theresa May plans to challenge Jeremy Corbyn to a TV debate on the eve of parliament voting on her Brexit deal, it is reported. The Tory leader will take on her Labor counterpart in an event following a fortnight of campaigning across the country to drum up support for her draft withdrawal … Read more

Suzie Lamplugh suspects character claims "murder"

[ad_1] The main suspect in the disappearance of real estate company Suzy Lamplugh in 1986 wrote a letter from the prison claiming the "murder" of his character. A letter allegedly taken from convicted murderer John Cannan, dated Nov. 6, appears as a police search in the back garden of a home that once belonged to … Read more