Two women in Kadikoy and a cat sank in concrete

[ad_1] In Kadikoy, two women sinking in concrete dumped the electrical infrastructure and sank one meter to one meter. After the women were rescued, a cat fell in the same place. The cat sinking into the concrete also saved the environment. The concrete was excavated on the road to electrical infrastructure works in Kadıköy. Two … Read more

Found dead in the bathroom of the entertainment space

[ad_1] The hallway of a 3-story entertainment facility located in the Beyoğlu Hüseyinağa neighborhood was found by a man who was considered a Jordanian citizen at 45 years of age. According to the DHA; event, one of the overnight staff entered the bathroom. In the warning of the health staff and many police teams were … Read more

Morning prayer time changed in Istanbul

[ad_1] Istanbul Mufti announced the morning prayer. Accordingly, prayer time was taken an hour earlier. Logic has caused question marks. The official website of Istanbul Mufti announced the change of the morning prayer time in Istanbul. The reason for this was Bun work hours there. According to the statement of the morning, the prayer will … Read more

We can increase the speed limit in 5 km in Istanbul Minister Soylu Motorways

[ad_1] Speaking at the event, which was organized as part of World Transit Victims' Day of Remembrance, Interior Minister Suleiman Noble said against criticism of increased fines and traffic measures. Noble can also be regulated on speed limitation of motorways, giving the signal, "120 kilometers, which is 120 kilometers on the motorway, perhaps adding another … Read more

18-century olive oil sold for 30 thousand TL

[ad_1] of Izmir Seferihisar municipality in the district three years ago its investigation in the case of one of the best olive region in Turkey, identified more than 500 years and 200 olive trees. These olives, which were specially cared for and collected by the best people in the field, obtained oil in the Seferihisar … Read more

Historical day in Istanbul! First people are opening gardens …

[ad_1] Speaking at the Opening Ceremony of the National Gardens, Binali Yildirim said: "Our gardens are the fields of life that we plant, we plant. After President Yildirim, President Erdogan came to the podium. President Erdoğan is currently addressing the public. Here are the highlights of President Erdoğan's speech: "We gathered to make the opening; … Read more

Vice President Fuat Oktay at TRNC

[ad_1] For the 35th anniversary of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Oktay met with Abdurrahman, the President of the Somali Parliament. A meeting at a hotel was closed to the press. CLICK ON THE MOST IMPORTANT CHAINS OF THE DAY WHAT HAPPENED TODAY [ad_2] Source link

MHP President Alpaslan Hussein armed attack …

[ad_1] The mayor of Osmaniye Hasanbeyli, in the district of Alpaslan Koca, and two other people were injured in the attack. According to information received, Husband, his nephew and went to a private hospital in Osmaniye to visit the patient's hospital. On the way out, an armed attack was carried out against the mayor and … Read more

Last minute: "There is no outside influence," he said, explaining the reason for the explosion

[ad_1] Akar, together with Chief of Staff Yaşar Güler and Commander of the General Staff of the Ground Forces Ümit Dündar of the University of Health Sciences (SBU), injured in an explosion after the accident in Hakkari, Süngü Tepe Base region, wounded in the antiterror operation soldiers and police officers visited. Rector of SBU Dr. … Read more