Vahide Perçin, who left the Çukurova series once, changed the image

[ad_1] Hünkar, who started the game that changed everyone’s fate in Çukurova, collapsed with the knife blows of Behice, whose moves he had revealed. The 70th episode of Once Upon Çukurova ended with the murder of Hünkar Yaman, one of the main characters in the series! [ad_2] Source link

CHP spokesman Faik Öztrak: While someone was hitting the voli …

[ad_1] According to the news of Başak Kaya from the newspaper Sözcü Öztrak said in his statement that MB’s net reserves excluding swap (swap) are less than $ 48.7 billion. * Turkey does not print dollars. Therefore, when selling foreign currency, the exchange rate can only be maintained to a certain extent. * The collapse … Read more

Breaking news | Kenan Sipahi’s painful day at Fenerbahçe Beko

[ad_1] In the condolence message published by the club, “We received with great regret the news of the death of the father of our player Kenan Sipahi, Celal Sipahi. We express our condolences to our player Kenan Sipahi and his family, who received the sad news at the end of Tofaş game. ” statements have … Read more

Thin hair boat will take medicine in the human body

[ad_1] Science 14:54 10.10.2020Shorten the URL Sputnik Turkey Sputnik Using a 3D printer, Dutch scientists produced the smallest boat in the world, a third the thickness of a hair shaft. It will produce potential micro-bodies that are small enough to travel through the human body and carry drugs to treat diseases. … Read more

Scientific Committee Member: We use aspirin in patients with coronavirus

[ad_1] Member of the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Dr. Alpay Perdition, coronavirus in patients receiving hospital treatment in the United States, uses aspirin regularly when emerging to reduce the risk of death by 47 percent, said it has been used in patients since the outbreak in Turkey began. Scientific Committee Member: … Read more

How is Mevlid Kandili’s prayer performed? 2020 Mevlid Kandili prayer time!

[ad_1] What time will the prayer prayer be held? Since Qandils and other religious nights will begin with the evening prayer call according to the information provided by the Religious Affairs Directorate, the service can begin with evening prayer. Although the Religious Affairs Directorate does not have a clear decision on the matter, these prayers … Read more

‘Ticket prices’ say it angered Cem Yılmaz – Cumhuriyet

[ad_1] ‘Ticket prices’ say it angered Cem YılmazRepublic Cem Yilmaz announced that they broke up with Serenay SarıkayaFreedom LAST MINUTE! The magazine world talks about this news: Serenay Sarıkaya and Cem Yılmaz left? Cem Yilmaz …Sabah LAST MINUTE: Cem Yılmaz and Serenay Sarıkaya left! Testimony came from Cem Yılmaz – Magazine NewsHabertürk Did Serenay Sarıkaya … Read more

Good news about the gold mine may come from SDIF

[ad_1] The president of the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (SDIF), Muhiddin Gülali, a gold coating with a cocoon depth over the hands that license more than 200, said he started a serious drilling, “Our work Undoubtedly positive. We have reservations in various locations in Turkey Works in the mine a little heavy Last year, we … Read more

New era in WhatsApp chats – NTV

[ad_1] New era in WhatsApp chats on NTV WhatsApp launched its new ” forever ” feature for iOS and Android Mynet The bombastic feature on WhatsApp: Hürriyet will become so today WhatsApp launches “forever” silencing chats for iOS and Android New WhatsApp feature comes to public bulletin today Show all related news in the … Read more