Due to delays and technical issues, Windows 10 can be updated again.

[ad_1] Almost a month after the initial launch announcement, Microsoft was able to download Windows 10 from October 2018 again – this update was canceled almost immediately after the first distribution attempt, as there was an error that some users lost their data. Windows 10 is automatically saved Usually, functional updates of Windows are distributed … Read more

Futurist M. Ludden: After 5 years, there will be no area where artificial intelligence is not applied

[ad_1] A futurist known in the world of technology, Michael Ludden, an artificial intelligence specialist, arrives in Lithuania. November 15 The Baltic Mobile Congress, a specialist in virtual and supplementary reality at the international conference on mobile economy in Vilnius, will tell you how our life will be replaced by a virtual and supplemented reality. … Read more

Questions to ask when choosing a new phone – AINA

[ad_1] Business Insider statistics show that people change their smartphone to a new one every two years. Even today, choosing a new smart assistant is not easy. The range of phones offered by the manufacturers is extremely wide, and each model usually has its own distinct features. For this reason, technology experts recommend that the … Read more