Seven forms of Covid-19 identified

[ad_1] An infection with the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus can cause a large number of apparently completely different symptoms. But, as it now shows, there is a certain order behind this: the researchers found that with the mild course of Covid-19, certain groups of symptoms often occur together. Using these clusters, they identify seven different forms of … Read more

Disruptive action – Canton of Bern is considering filing legal action against Stefan Theiler

[ad_1] Berne’s outside candidate Stefan Theiler harassed the doctor in Canton Linda Nartey this week in a strange way. The canton is “deeply shocked”. Dölf Barben Published: 31/10/2020, 15:53 Stefan Theiler speaks urgently to the canton doctor at the Kornhaus tram stop. It can be filmed. Screen capture of the video Theiler had recorded. Last … Read more

Stop SBB by closing operated counters

[ad_1] SBB wants to prevent the closure of personal counseling counters. (Image of the symbol) KEYSTONE New railway line: SBB has interrupted the closing of branches operated for the time being. The decisive factor should no longer be economy measures, but passenger needs. Until recently, personal advice for train travelers seemed to be slowly becoming … Read more

What are the signs of Covid-19?

[ad_1] Covid-19 and flu show similar symptoms Do I have Corona? Or did I already have it without really realizing it? These questions can only be answered clearly with a corona test or antibody test. Because recognizing Covid-19 based on symptoms alone is often not so easy. Many typical symptoms are similar to those of … Read more