Municipal tax is 25 percent – Barometer

[ad_1] The actual municipal tax is, for the dominant groups of wage earners, significantly lower today than in 1992. The lack of knowledge about the deduction of the deduction of the employment tax still dominates the debate on municipal taxation. Photograph: Peter Ottosson Älmhult raised the tax to most Swedish municipalities. However, due to tax … Read more

Här är Blekinges nya ambulanser för lättare vård

[ad_1] Landstinget Blekinge har skaffat två stycken så kallade lättvårdsambulanser. From kommer till exempel att ta hand om transporter mellan sjukhus och på så vis göra of vanliga ambulanserna mer tillgängliga för akuta larm. – Initialt kommer lättvårdsambulanserna köra patienter mellan sjukvårdsinrättningar. Vi har i dag många körningar exempelvis mellan Karlshamn och Karlskrona och också … Read more

Suspected assets stolen for 350,000 from OKG – P4 Kalmar

[ad_1] The stories will continue for a long time between June 1 and November 14. The man was arrested on Friday for robbery. According to the promoters Magnus Ling the man worked at OKG during the same period: "He stole goods worth SEK 350,000. He is suspected of robbery, maybe even a serious robbery," says … Read more

Bus driver beaten by traveler | Gothenburg Publish

[ad_1] This article is included for you as a customer. Gothenburg Police were alerted to a bus stop in Stenungsund after a bus driver was allegedly beaten by a traveler. It is unclear if the bus driver was injured and if someone was arrested. 5:10 p.m. – November 18, 2018 Updated for 2 hours ago … Read more

Accommodation reported theft in progress – two prisoners

[ad_1] While the woman was talking to the police, she saw the two offenders leaving the property. The woman stated that the things in the stores were now drawn. The robbery occurred sometime in the morning. Immediately after 12.00 p.m., police say they found two people, a man and a woman in the 1930s, who … Read more

Reduced budget without social assistance initiatives – Policy

[ad_1] The budget Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson handed over to the Riksdag was cut back and down as announced. "It's far less inspiring to develop a budget that is not politically driven," she told a news conference. A transition budget should not contain proposals with a clear party policy orientation. This means that the five … Read more

Three were convicted of group violence in Södermalm

[ad_1] The three men, aged 18, 20 and 29, are suspected of having grouped a woman in the garden of Björn Park in Södermalm on Friday. Today they were detained by the Stockholm District Court. According to Södermalm police, the men were arrested shortly after the rape after police reacted to the behavior of the … Read more