Melbourne Cup 2018: Sir Patrick Hogan questions the racist racing circuit

[ad_1] SIR Patrick Hogan, the renowned New Zealand breeder, maintains the internationalization of the Melbourne Cup, only furthered the great competition. ANSWERS POSSIBLE: OFF THE FAVORITE VALUE? FORMAT GUIDE: TO FIND MELBOURNE CUP WINNER EXPERT VERDICT: MELBOURNE CUP TIPS De Hogan resigned from the absence of local absenteeism and questioned the "simple ride" of the … Read more

Meeussen and Nys led the Dutch Ronhaar at Euro Junior

[ad_1] the Netherlands Pim Ronhaar won the European junior title at the home crowd in Rosmalen. Our compatriots Witse Meeussen and Tibau Nys, Son of Sven, completed the European junior cyclocross championship. Ronhaar and Meeussen quickly took the lead. The Netherlands lost 14 seconds to Meeussen. Tibau Nys, the junior's first year settled down Jelle … Read more

Football: The crisis can cause real breathing

[ad_1] scorer Reals Sergio Ramos can finally be happy. Photo: Paul White / AP (Photo: AP) With 2: 0 valueWith Real Valladolid's win of 2-0 (0-0), the Spanish league has finally won the Primera División for the last five championship matches – although only in the closing stages and with good luck, Solari acknowledged. "It … Read more

Football: Three Goals for Confidence: Tedesco praises Schalke

[ad_1] FC Schalke 04 – Hannover 96 Schalke celebrates 3-1 victory over Hannover. Photo by Guido Kirchner Image: AP The goal at 85 minutes is 3: 1Between 85 minutes and 3: 1 (0: 0) with Hannover's 96th goal, the 27-year-old national striker made an almost endless slowdown and bowed to loyal fans: "The fans were … Read more

L1 (J12): Nimes revives against Dijon

[ad_1] Since the end of the summer, in a difficult match between teams, Nîmes was attractive. The promoted player shared Dijon (4-0) in a full game and gained fresh air. The debate Nimes did not taste the nine games. And obviously this flavor was missing. The crocodiles were hungry and consumed the Dijonis. It should … Read more

Evan Fournier "Confidential"

[ad_1] The Poitevin Tommy Hombert participates in the rallying of the web srie consecrates the ex-joueur du PB. Riche en anecdotes, humor et srieux, celle-ci duvoile le quotidien du joueur NBA d'Orlando. Comment Evan Fournier est-il deven d'un des meilleurs basketteurs franais? That night is NFL's Daily Joueur? Does quoi ressemble sa vie aux Etats-Unis? … Read more