Osmanlıspor – Tetis Construction Elazigspor: 1-1

[ad_1] Sports Toto 1 League 13 weekend start in the field of the Ottomanspor Tetis Yapi Elazigspor with a 1-1 draw. After this result, 9 points in the league score of the Ottomans, 17, 17 in the construction of the 11th Tetis Yapi Elazigspor. Ottomanspor: 1 – Tetis Yapi Elazigspor: 1 Statistics: Bolu Atatürk Referees: … Read more

Abdullah Avci: There is no such situation

[ad_1] Sports Toto Super League out on the road defeat 2-0 Medipol Basaksehir coach Abdullah Avci, "This race, the 13th week of the league, that is, a third more, a large part and much longer." Pressing our feet firmly, working for this, we will try to do our best, "he said. Abdullah Avci, attended a … Read more

F.Bahçe'den Aziz Yıldırım'a büyük şok!

[ad_1] Fenerbahçe Futbol A.Ş. genel kurulu bugün gerçekleştirildi. Topline alınan kararlar Kamuyu Aydınlatma Platformu'na bildirildi. Genel kurulda eski yönetimden başkan Aziz Yıldırım ve yöneticiler Mahmut Uslu, Nihat Özbağı, Mithat Yenigün, Ozan Balaban ve Önder Fırat 01.06.2017 – 31.05.2018 hesap dönemindeki faaliyetlerinden dolayı ibra edilmedi. Yapılan açıklamada bahsi geçen kişilerin 'ibrası için yeterli nisabın sağlanamadığı' belirtildi. … Read more

karate accident ambulatory jockey

[ad_1] Halis Karata, riding horses in Adana It was knocked down 800 meters. With the jump, it also comes from behind from the purebred jungle, kouyu to the rear followed by Cibekolu and the jockey was also replaced by Velat Demir. arrow atlatt a serious hazard. Ambulance and first aid team, who came to the … Read more

Match of the day in the UEFA League of Nations!

[ad_1] The 7th week of the UEFA League started with 7 matches. UEFA's new organization at the level of the national teams in the 6th week of games A, B, C and D 7 was played in the championship. Switzerland and England became the semifinals of Portugal after Portugal. Switzerland defeated Belgium 2-0 in the … Read more

Senol Gunes would go to school with his high school friends

[ad_1] The coach of Besiktas, Senol Gunes, friends of the Trabzon college met today. While sharing the memories of his school years with his friends, Güneş had to go to regular games because he played football at that time. Trabzon High School, formed 48 years ago with friends in the classroom and the student who … Read more

& # 39; What are you going to do? Are you going to overthrow management?

[ad_1] The status of the Fenerbahce team outside Volkan Demirel continues. File keeper experienced in this situation, the fan keeps on reacting. In recent days, the experienced football player has faced the interest of outside fans. Volkan Demirel supporters in the yellow lacivetli fans in the chat because of this decision criticized the management. "What … Read more

Italy – Portugal: 0-0 – Football and Sports

[ad_1] UEFA's League of Nations Week 5, ended with 7 games. In the fifth week of the new UEFA organization at national level, 7 competitions took place in the A, B, C and D leagues. Italy – Portugal: 0 to 0 In Group A, Italy received Portugal at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium. Both teams could … Read more

Galatasaray announced victory as a law!

[ad_1] Galatasaray, the former footballer Franck Ribery to the manager of the 24-million euro-based case by Bruno Heiderscheid, the Swiss Arbitration Chamber has decided to pay the club to pay 600 thousand euros, he said. The yellow-red club said the statement said: "Former soccer player Ribery lawyer, unfortunately for a period of our club also … Read more