Forecast for Slovenia: the worst is yet to come, the peak of the epidemic will be in mid-November

[ad_1] The effects of recent measures to contain the spread of the new coronavirus are already visible, especially those involving schools and those that have restricted the transition between municipalities. The epidemic is spreading more slowly, said the head of the reactor technology department at the Jožef Stefan Institute. Leon Cizelj. The number of hospitalized … Read more

she carried a gun and he carried a broom

[ad_1] The days I can Urban Jazbinšek celebrated her seventh wedding anniversary, she is a singer and businesswoman Hajdi Korošec Jazbinšek posted a snapshot of his big day on instagram. As she revealed, the wedding was something special. The invitations were already like that, as they printed pictures of them holding a gun and him … Read more

A new blow for diesel in Europe: what do these numbers mean?

[ad_1] In September, new car owners in Europe for the first time bought more electrified vehicles than those with a diesel engine. By far, the biggest demand for gasoline engines remains. New car sales in Europe fell 29 percent or 8.54 million cars in the first nine months, according to JATO Dynamics. In terms of … Read more

They do not want to criticize the SUS, but they will not remain silent

[ad_1] Since last week, only Premier League football can be played in Slovenia. At least where teams don’t have major problems with new coronavirus infections. The second division found itself in an ungrateful position. They interrupted the championship, they can forget the joint training, the loss of revenue increases every day. “We do not want … Read more

Discover Huawei Gentle Monster Eyewear II smart glasses and the Porsche Design Watch GT 2 watch | Computer news –

[ad_1] Discover Huawei Gentle Monster Eyewear II smart glasses and the Porsche Design Watch GT 2 watch | Computer Myth or truth: have cell phones become a great source of entertainment? Lack of sleep is one of the biggest problems in the world See extensive reports in the Google News app [ad_2] Source … Read more

Bojana Beović announced changes

[ad_1] “The situation is worrying,” a clear expert from a group of experts told the government. Bojana Beović. According to the most recent data, more than 30 percent of all samples collected in the last 24 hours in Slovenia were positive, despite the fact that a large number of tests for the presence of the … Read more

The situation is still very serious

[ad_1] With more than 500 covid-19 patients in hospitals, the government had no choice but to restrict movement to municipalities, a government spokesman told a news conference. Jelko Kacin. He said the weekend revealed that the situation was still very serious. He asked everyone to stay at home, if possible. In Gorenjska, the situation is … Read more

Hungarians took command of the biggest Slovenian representative of the BMW brand

[ad_1] Strengthening the largest BMW brand representative in Slovenia with the international interior. After the Hungarian company AutoWallis obtained all the necessary official approvals and other contractual obligations were fulfilled, it took over the operations of the largest BMW brand representative in Slovenia. Thus, AutoWallis has also entered the car retail market in the country … Read more