THE BALL DOESN’T LIE! THE WORLD’S FUNNIEST PENALTY was awarded in Romania, and only then did the SHOW! / VIDEO /

[ad_1] Photo: Printskrin / screenshot Listen to the news through an audio file Since the 1990s, Romanian football has been full of scandals, match-fixing and clubs that grow, achieve success and then close. This is never boring for Romanians, and now a record of a scandalous judge’s decision is reaching us from that country. In … Read more

NASA, asteroid and space exploration: spacecraft risks running out of asteroid samples after stuck door – BBC News

[ad_1] ReutersAsteroid Ben may be hiding evidence of how the solar system came about The American Space Agency (NASA) Osiris-Rex spacecraft, sent to collect asteroid rocks several hundred million kilometers from Earth, collected so many samples that they began to fall into space. The Osiris-Rex spacecraft landed on asteroid Ben earlier this week, and officials … Read more

UNS was attacked by United Group, whose journalists are under pressure from the owners

[ad_1] Tonight, the president of the Serbian Association of Journalists, Vladimir Radomirovic, dismissed as incorrect the allegations that the association was a regime and said that UNS would provide support, protection and assistance to journalists belonging to United Group, H1, Nova S and the Nova portal. great pressure from the owner. As a guest on … Read more

Daily horoscope for October 26, 2020

[ad_1] Daily horoscope for October 26, 2020, Photo: Adria Media TV ABOVE Use private acquaintances to promote your own business. You are emotionally dissatisfied. You are about to crack and disconnect. When it comes to health, avoid being nervous, because a pressure jump is possible. BIK You are fully familiar with all the details of … Read more

Polio gasoline and set the VIDEO Mercedes AMG GT 63 S on fire

[ad_1] An incredible scene is coming from Russia. SN Sunday, October 25 at 8:20 pm | 11:00 -> 16:30 Photo: Mercedes Mikhail Litvin, 20, author of Kazakhstan’s TikTok, set his Mercedes AMG GT63 S on fire in a meadow in Russia. It is not known why Mihail decided to make such a change, and as … Read more

Stankovic: “Turnover is inevitable” –

[ad_1] The first game this season in “Marakana” that Zvezda failed to win is tonight’s game against Javor Matis for the 12th round of the Super League Linglong. After the match, in a statement to TV Arena Sport, Zvezda’s coach Dejan Stankovic he was not very critical of his players. ” He missed a goal. … Read more

The Intel Xe DG1 GPU arrives later this year

[ad_1] After 20 years of absence, Intel returns to the separate graphics card market. The company has its own GPU, collectively called Intel vehicle, divided into four categories: LP (low power consumption), HPG (high performance games), HP (high performance) and HPC (high performance computing). DG1 is the company’s current LP product and has several names. … Read more

CAN DEGOLUTION LEAD TO PREGNANCY !? Here’s what you can expect if you do this during ORAL S * KSA! | Latest news

[ad_1] 25.10.2020. • 21:37Serbia Today Photo: Profimedia For many women, swallowing their partner’s sperm is an act of supreme intimacy or just an act without which they cannot imagine oral sex. However, many are wondering if this is safe and if, in this way, some bacteria can be introduced into the body or sexually transmitted … Read more

Popular patrols – persecution of migrants – protest in Belgrade

[ad_1] The protest meeting or “cleaning up migrants”, as announced on social networks, was organized today by “Patrolhas do Povo” in the park near the Faculty of Economics. On the other hand, as a sign of solidarity with refugees, left-wing organizations met. A police cordon interposed between the two groups, which emptied the park where … Read more