Vote: The ugliest roundabout in German-speaking Switzerland – News Life: Society

[ad_1] There are 3334 roundabouts in Switzerland today. In 1980, they were only 20. After Romandie chose the ugliest in her field, we wanted to know a week ago from our readers: Where is the most terrible roundabout in German-speaking Switzerland? Meanwhile, several photos have arrived. They are all filled with ugliness or absurdity – … Read more

Why the "Lozärner Altstadtfäscht" draws a line | more centrally

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New fuel in Jura conflict – Sommaruga calls for calm – Switzerland: Standard

[ad_1] The invalidation of Moutier's vote provides new fuel in the Jura conflict. Proberner sees a victory of the rule of law against fanaticism, the separatists criticize the governor's decision as politically motivated. Federal counselor Simonetta Sommaruga called for calm: she hopes the decision will be made with a decision, the Federal Justice Department said. … Read more

Climate protectors criticize Edelweiss flight to the North Pole –

[ad_1] On May 10, 2019, the Lufthansa subsidiary, Edelweiss, will begin a 16-hour round trip to the North Pole from Zurich. Tickets are available starting at 499 euros. The flight will be accompanied by researchers and polar scientists who provided basic information and entertainment oriented to the theme, writes "Schweiz am Wochenende". But only CO2Aircraft … Read more

Now do the doctors pay? They are looking for as bankers

[ad_1] The premium and taxpayers have to dig deep into their pockets for healthcare. Meanwhile, the best doctors are gambling, like bankers. According to a study by the Federal Public Health Office (FOPH), doctors' fees in Switzerland are much higher than previously thought: more than 100 physicians are looking for more than a million francs … Read more