New Peanut Allergy Drug Has Potential to Save Lives

[ad_1] Clinical trial reduced sensitivity to peanut allergens, with a gradual exposure to protein for six months. "This is not a cure, but it's a good first step," said Dr. James R. Baker. Carter Grodi spent his entire childhood eating nothing that could contain any trace of peanuts. For 15 years without ever having tried … Read more

Activists marched yesterday | Privacy Policy | Newspaper of Angola

[ad_1] Society Carla Bumba November 18, 2018 Pamphlets on the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer were distributed yesterday during a march against the cancerous disease, held in Luanda by the Angolan League against Cancer, on the occasion of the World Day to Combat Prostate Cancer, marked yesterday. Photography: Kindala Manuel | Editions November The … Read more

Green Ville. Association reported on the difference in types of diabetes – Weekly V

[ad_1] The Diabete Association promoted this Sunday a sensitization walk for Diabetes, which took place in the center of Vila Verde. As part of World Diabetes Day, marking November 14, this association brought together some people with type 1 diabetes to raise awareness and raise awareness of the disease. Cristina Mota, vice president of the … Read more

Scientists synthesize molecule that eliminates hepatitis C virus – Jornal da Manhã

[ad_1] Scientists synthesize molecule that eliminates hepatitis C virus According to the study, the compound attacks much more the virus than the host cell 17/11/2018 – 09:38:44. Last updated: 18/11/2018 – 10:15:46. Photo / Sumaia Villela / Agência Brasil According to the study, the compound attacks much more the virus than the host cell Researchers … Read more

Tuberculosis outbreak in Setúbal chain – Portugal

[ad_1] At least seven guards from Setúbal chain were diagnosed with tuberculosis by the Regional Health Administration of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo, with the National Union stating that there may be even more situations. To CM, the Directorate General of Prison Services confirmed the case of a custodian who, "after the summer break, went … Read more

which one is more nutritious? – Update Bahia

[ad_1] By Health April THE banana may have come from Southeast Asia, but it is Brazilian even in color, at any stage of ripening. When it is green, by the way, it presents / displays great concentration of leucocianidina, flavonoide studied by his cicatrizantes properties. Of the three varieties compared here, there is nothing to … Read more

Ministry of Health alerts for yellow fever vaccination

[ad_1] The population living in areas recommended for the yellow fever vaccine should seek vaccination before the beginning of summer, the period of greatest risk of transmission of the disease. The Ministry of Health's warning comes because recently affected areas and large population groups, such as the metropolitan areas of Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais … Read more