Zone ZOSTER. Complete Guide to Symptoms, Causes, Complications and Treatment

[ad_1] Tiles are a serious and painful skin irritation caused by the reactivation of the varicella zoster virus, the same as unleashing the wind.Adults with a low immune system show the greatest risk of shingles.Tiles – SymptomsThe most common symptoms of tiles are:stinging pains– itching, burns, stinging sensation before a few days of irritation– headachesFever … Read more

Childhood disease. What you need to know about measles, shedding, cough and other communicable diseases in the community

[ad_1] Childhood diseases. With the beginning of school or kindergarten, children spend much of the day with their classmates. Thus, one of the dozens of children suffers from a communicable disease to infect other people. But if babies adhere to some hygiene rules, they can keep microbes, bacteria and viruses away. If you also count … Read more

Women at higher risk of breast cancer

[ad_1] According to the latest statistics published by the World Health Organization, cancer is a disease that affects more and more people in the world. Thus, it is estimated that by 2018 the number of diseases will reach 18.1 million and the number of deaths by 9.6 million. Cancer remains the second leading cause of … Read more

A man who died of rabies after being bitten by a cat

[ad_1] Omar Zouhri, 58, a Briton of Moroccan origin, died a few weeks after contracting the disease in Mehdya, Morocco. When he first presented the symptoms, the man appeared at the hospital in the city where he lived and told doctors that a boy died in Morocco after being bitten by a cat, the same … Read more

Free Blood Glucose Testing Campaign in Suceava

[ad_1] Without giving specific symptoms for a long time, diabetes can be diagnosed relatively late. Even if there are signs that things are not in order, the affected person and family do not realize as soon as they can. Subsequently, the diagnosis of a family member with diabetes is perceived as a catastrophe. At the … Read more

Risk Factors for Diabetes

[ad_1] Several potential risk factors have been identified in diabetes, as well as the factors that trigger this disease. It is not yet known exactly what causes type 1 diabetes. But it is considered that the risk is slightly increased in people with relatives affected by this disease. Environmental factors and exposure to certain viral … Read more