the spices to use to lose weight

[ad_1] The Spice Diet It can be an excellent remedy to accelerate metabolism and lose weight by a few pounds. To function well, of course you should use spices in a balanced diet made from healthy and low-fat foods. But let's see what they are the most consumed to accelerate metabolism. Mainly the black pepper, … Read more

The sedentary life kills 88 thousand people a year in Italy

[ad_1] New data on the effects of sedentary they were released at a conference at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) dedicated to the theme. It is not better among children: 25% of children make movement games for at least an hour only one day a week. According to the Istisan report "Movement, sport and … Read more

Cancer. With precision therapies doubling survival and saving more than 25%

[ad_1] This is highlighted by a Stanford University study that was discussed at the Aiom conference in Rome. The median survival of patients treated with precision oncology was 51.7 weeks compared with 25.8 weeks of treated patients. with standard chemotherapy. The difference in costs is also clear. Each week of treatment with precision oncology involved … Read more

He died at 69 after transfusions of infected blood, the state sentenced to maximum compensation

[ad_1] Follow O State dwill pay compensation of one million four hundred thousand euros in favor of the family of an agrigentine who, unfortunately, seems to have died due to an infection of HCV. Finally, this dispute between the State and the patient's family ended, dying of being infected hepatitis C which appears to … Read more

Spallanzani wins antibiotic resistance competition, one of the biggest threats to health

[ad_1] It is estimated that around 700,000 people worldwide die every year from drug-resistant infections, 33,000 per year in the EU, with numbers increasing. Italy is one of the countries most involved. The project of the Institute is called CONNECT and has among its objectives the development of new communication models to increase awareness and … Read more

Gluten Free Expo and Lactose Free Expo

[ad_1] Import iCal Gluten Free Expo and Lactose Free Expo – Photo Press Office From November 17 to 20, 2018, the seventh edition of Gluten-free Expo, an international exhibition dedicated to the market and gluten-free products, and the second edition of the Lactose Free Expo, an event dedicated to the market and lactose-free products. Expo … Read more

2019 Lilt Calendars to Support the Fight Against Cancer – Chronicle

[ad_1] DISH. The section Prato de Lilt (Italian League for the fight against cancer) continues the path of primary prevention of tumors, metabolic and degenerative diseases with the presentation of two calendars for the year 2019. A calendar refers to physical activity as a prevention model. Each calendar page, presented by Daniela Giacché, summarizes the … Read more