R. Jones and the poster stories he creates

[ad_1] Recently, when I presented a new album and concerts to a group of Lithuanians, I admired the cover art of the album and a poster for concerts. That would be what I'd happily cling to on the wall of my room. Unfortunately, this is a rare exception in the Lithuanian music market, however, perhaps … Read more

Golden Parazyth: This is not the last concert in Kaunas

[ad_1] No congestion and panic, no shouting and headlong in the doorway. Otherwise, he could not – on Sunday night in the amphitheater "Zalgiris" Arena, the audience watched the gentlemen of the song "Golden Parazyth". On Friday, St. Stephen's meetings met in the pews. In Catherine's church a week ago, the Lithuanian electronic music and … Read more

The code of life of N. Narmontaite is to create joy

[ad_1] Scans life N.Narmontait's book concerts are held on the stage of the Vilnius Little Theater. Having started the creative path at the Siauliai Drama Theater, continuing in the Kaunas drama, the actress can now be called a witch, while Vilnius Minor is a very expensive theater. Here she is playing the "lesson of mastery" … Read more

Crazy from love: hologram "led" japan

[ad_1] Akihiko Kondo's mother did not accept the invitation from the only son to his wedding in Tokyo this month, but probably not surprisingly because he led the hologram. "The mother had nothing to celebrate," said a 35-year-old man whose "bride" is a virtual reality singer, Hacuna Mike. In fact, none of Kondo's relatives were … Read more