Vorarlberger in Tirol stabbed: 24-year U-Haft claim – Vorarlberg –

[ad_1] 26.11.2018 21:11 (Act 26.11.2018 21:16) APA After the knife-wrenching assault on Vorarlberger, 21, on Sunday night, the prosecutor in Innsbruck on Monday issued a request for the imposition of pre-trial detention on 24-year-old suspects. Now the magistrate has 48 hours to decide on this request, prosecutor Thomas Willam's spokesman told APA. Innsbruck. The 24-year-old … Read more

BVT confronts Kickl with opposition – News

[ad_1] Tomorrow, Interior Minister Herbert Kickl and Michaela Kardeis, director general of public security, are expected to attend the most interesting information providers to date. Above all, the research of the former is awaited with anxiety. Opposition: Kickl the "mentor" behind the BAT-Cause For the opposition, Kickl is considered a "mentor" behind the home searches … Read more

Wohnungsbrand: Familie verliert Obdach, Stadt hilft

[ad_1] Author:             Alexandra Wrann aus Villach Wohnung ist für siebenköpfige Familie nicht mehr bewohnbar. Stadt Villach reagiert rasch. VILLACH. Nach dem verheerenden Feuer konnte heute eine siebenköpfige Familie auf der Fellach nicht mehr in ihre Wohnung zurückkehren. Bürgermeister Günther Albel half spontan und stellte eine städtische Wohnung zur Verfügung. Wohnung nicht benützbar "Wer rasch hilft, … Read more

Sebastian Kurz & # 39; works as banjo virtuoso

[ad_1] Sebastian Kurz & # 39; works as banjo virtuoso Wade Darnell would hardly think that he would become an Austrian star of YouTube in the short term. The short banjo playing banjo Image: Youtube screenshot Darnell, who was 16 at the time of the recording, appears in the video as a passionate banjo: playing … Read more

Traffic accident: couple injured in accident

[ad_1] Author: Kevin Haslinger from Salzkammergut Gunskirchen. A 68-year-old from the district of Wels-Land was driving his car this morning around 8.25 clock along with his 70-year-old wife on Heidestrasse towards Wels Gunskirchen. At the same time, a 50-year-old player from the Wels-Land district wanted to take his little van from Marcusstraße to Heidestraße. According … Read more

BAT: crisis session for security | Nachrichten.at

[ad_1] BAT: crisis session for security VIENNA. A security officer with neo-Nazi contact worked on the committee. President Doris Bures Image: APA How and why a far-right security agent apparently with contacts with the neo-Nazi environment was active on the BVT's committee of inquiry will be discussed today at a meeting of group leaders. The … Read more

Police arrested nine drivers with radar blockers – Upper Austria

[ad_1] This came with expensive handlebars on the A1. In a focal point inspection of the provincial traffic department on Thursday in the bordering area of ​​Lower Austria and Sattledt, nine drivers were virtually taken out of circulation. Including Porsche Cayenne, Audi and Mercedes handlebar, as Klaus Scherleitner, head of the provincial traffic department of … Read more